Prove it!


Like Mandela in that Dick Cheney hated both of them?


I am so goddamn tired of this motherfucker being a free man. Give him the cunting “honor” he wants. Ugh I hate reality.


Three weeks later…the former president is in his third consecutive chicken mcnugget diet protest. We have secrete tape showing followers sneaking in packets of sweet & sour as well as a variety of other things such at ketchup and jalapenos sauce.


What did he secrete?


Mostly ketchup.


Nuclear meatballishtic codes, apparently.


Jalapeños? Man would choke on anything spicier than flour


lol feck off.

Chainweasel, (edited )

He’s obviously trying to bait the judge into something.
Fines are also on the table, how big of one can the judge throw at him?


To really be like Mandela, he needs to be brutalized by South African cops, right? I’ll donate real money to bring over 4-6 South African police to beat the fuck out of DJT for a good half hour in the name of authenticity.


I can dress like one, can I help?


I don’t normally condone violence but… Can we make this pay per view? I’m sure the money would go to a good cause


It could balance the budget.




Dude, you're only comparable to Man-Bear-Pig.


I wouldn’t call him human, and pigs are pretty smart.

Word on the street is that you can smell him coming, so bear it is.


Do it


well hitler was also briefly in jail and got out early before his second, successful coup attempt. so pls stay on your toes USA. be vigilant


I came to say this.

Hitler went to jail for a failed coup attempt less than a decade before coming to power.

Everything about this guy is Hitler.


Damn I am fucking ignorant as fuck on WWII I had no idea. I really don’t remember them teaching it in school to even this extent.

And this is why they attack our schools and libraries and books. They want the voting public ignorant as possible so we are blind and easily manipulated. Those in power now (aka with wealth) won’t have their kids and grandkids impacted, and that’s about as far away from themselves they can care about.

SparrowRanjitScaur, (edited )

I thought this was fairly common knowledge. You’ve heard of Mein Kampf, right? It was written when Hitler was in jail.


It’d be a great honor for all of us, turn yourself in don!


This sounds like Reflexive Control. They’re testing the waters to set the groundwork for him being locked up. He wants it to not shock his supporters back into sanity.

In other words, he thinks he might actually end up in prison.



This man wants to be imprisoned for his country.

Oblige him.


“Like me? Bitch, please.”

Mandela… if he where still around, probably.


"I will gladly become a Modern Day Nelson Mandela — It will be my GREAT HONOR,” the former president wrote in a lengthy Truth Social post attacking New York State Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan, who is presiding over Trump’s case.

If his campaign’s aim is to actually get him into prison so that he can leverage a sense of victimhood, I gotta say that I am not at all convinced that that’s actually going to work very well.


Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years. Come on donny, you can top that!

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