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Lol I’m so sorry you had to go through all those steps just for “They’ve increased the budget and this is what they’re doing.”


Huh. You’d think they need a reliable power supply. Is that what the money is for?

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Dali owner Grace Ocean Private Limited files petition to cap liability in Baltimore bridge collapse at $43.7M



Good point


That wouldn’t even cover cleanup

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@technology Oh, for sure, they mention the App Store fees and extensive review process, but in my opinion involving the price of the iPhone and past history of Apple is strange (and seems to make the case weaker).


Eeeeehhhhhh… you can’t really fault a company for a previously unknown hardware defect going against their stated principles. That’s like faulting the devs of OpenSSH for their principle of security because CVE-2023-38408 existed for years.

Hate on Apple for legitimate things, of which there are many.

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"On the next episode of Deep Space Nine! Tensions rise when Miles O'Brien's wife is possessed by a sadistic, emasculating space demon, and he can't tell the difference."

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If you're an #opensource maintainer seeking a good task to give a less-skilled new contributor, ask them to do a discovery report on the project, such as:

Starting from scratch, try to get a local installation up and running, and note how long it took.

Take an hour to explore our documentation and fora, and tell us your impressions.

Given a demo install, try these common user tasks.


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RIP Nitter ​:ablobcatraindepressed:​

Now the token generation method for guest account is not working anymore.

You can still use your twitter account token for nitter but it will get banned immediately ​:ded:​

Source :

#nitter #twitter #x

cc : @technology

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