i would still nevertheless really appreciate seeing more anime around that features female characters who aren’t gods damned children.

it’s gross. i’m sick of it. it’s exhausting.


Agreed. I guess the target audience is typically teenagers but I wouldn’t mind some more… Mid to late 20s characters so they can have relationships that don’t feel morally questionable?


Maybe instead of anime you should watch J-dramas.

swab148, (edited )

Oh my God, that’s disgusting! Where?


That’s not funny


Would you say this post… is shit?

YarHarSuperstar, (edited )

You’re right though. It’s really “your joke but worse” material, and the original joke is stupid enough that it definitely didn’t need the extra potshot at addicts added on.

Edit: seems like I may have misunderstood. Carry on


But… it isn’t a potshot at addicts? I’m not familiar with all of the anime women in the image, but the purple haired one, Misato from Evangelion, is all but confirmed as a functioning alcoholic within the first episode or two.

I would assume that the other ones are as well.

So, not a potshot, just a cringey way to shove somebody’s waifu(s) into an existing meme. And this is the shitposting community, so it was arguably done ironically.

Also, for the record, Misato is the closest thing to “best girl” that series has. Don’t @ me. Everyone in it is fucked up, she’s just ever so slightly less so.


“What a shame…”


This is the worst way to find out I’m too old for an alcoholic cougar.


I wonder if anyone has done their doctorate on this subject. If you are both over 40 is she still a cougar?


Depends, is she simultaneously pursuing those who are yet to reach their forties?

Bonehead, (edited )

Would you rather find out in person with an audience?


Depends on the embarrassing:entertaining ratio


getting old sucks


Same 😟

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