Is “Republican” a motive?

Can… can it be one? Please?


motive is unclear

looks at US politics

Is it?


I guess it could be a number of progressive things he has sided on over the years, but it happened now so yeah


He is very often demonized in conservative circles, I suspect simply because he utters the s word (“socialism”).


It’s probably climate change. That earthquake was from climate change, so why not?


God is clearly angry.



No, the earthquake was about Americans needing to repent and turn their backs on sinful, unraked forests

FartsWithAnAccent, (edited )

$5 says it’s a MAGAT

CosmicTurtle, (edited )

When a democrat does it, it’s literally terrorism.

But when a Republican does it, it’s just a small, isolated incident and barely warrants a charge.

Just a lone wolf.

One time thing.

Never will happen again.

One bad apple.

How could we have known?



Arson is suspected


Authorities say an unknown male suspect sprayed what they described as a possible accelerant on the office door, set it on fire and fled. They said the suspect remained at large and no motive had been established.

“A significant fire engulfed the door and part of the vestibule, impeding the egress of staff members who were working in the office and endangering their lives,” Burlington police said in a statement. “The sprinkler system then engaged and largely extinguished the fire.”

That’s absolutely arson, and almost assuredly a couple counts of attempted murder…



I wonder if somebody shot the guy?


Are you on an instance/app where images are default collapsed? Like a twitter clone or something rather than Lemmy?

Or is a giant image intentional?

I was just blocking everyone who does it often because it’s jarring. But so many of you keep doing it so I wanted to ask if there’s a reason or just why?


Nope, it’s just that way by default. Drives me nuts too.


We need collapsible links like RES had.

Show the link, then a little preview box we can click on to make it load without leaving the thread.


FYI, when viewed from the voyager app the image is small unless I click on it. So depending on the app people use their experiences are different.


Connect doesn’t even display the image


On Eternity, it’s displayed in a size I find rather okay.


Houston, we have entered the Goldilocks Zone


I’m on voyager and it still takes up quite a bit of real estate. Wish there were an option for it not to open at all unless I tap it


On both with the default UI and on the voyager app, images are resized to a reasonable size for inline display. It seems like a defect of whatever you’re using that it doesn’t do that.


images are resized to a reasonable size for inline display. It

On a web browser it sizes the image to be full size at full screen width, making it giant compared to text


It looks like the image is 960 x 1080 so in browser it should blow up that large. Not sure why you have been downvoted


I have looked on Android Firefox, Mac OSX Firefox, Android Chrome, Mac OSX Chrome, and flipped from portrait to landscape, I checked multiple instances, and thereby multiple themes (my account normally uses darkly-compact). In several of these scenarios the image is resized to be “tiny” as in <1/20th of the screen width, and from there it ranges up to 1/3rd, or at the absolute widest ~3/4ths of the screen (someone else also replied to the person you replied to showing this screenshot demonstrating that width for them too).

Throughout all of this, the person you replied to has only managed to conjure up 3 facts, one being an extremely generic term “web browser”, 1 seemingly objectively false (“giant”), and the other 1 at best seems unreproducible by anyone here (“full screen width”).

In short, the person you replied to seems to be acting in a trolling manner, as in like a canonical Karen, which frankly does seem surprising given how clearly articulated the original message of theirs was. We would be happy to help them diagnose further but at this point they just seem to be venting - granted though, not so much in the message you replied to on its own.


Must be a desktop vs mobile browser thing. Looks fine with a mobile browser on to me.


I’m on Firefox. Images are always reasonable size.


A picture is worth a thousand words. The AP article in the OP, right after the title, has a picture of Bernie Sanders, to help jog recognition and enhance immersion and feeling of reality, then has the wall of pure text after that - appropriate use of pictures enhances rather than detracts from the experience.

I too was put off by the constant use of pictures on Reddit, so I researched it a bit and found that millennials and beyond use pictures, especially the same memes over and over, to convey an entirely different experience than mere text. The memes speak to emotion and a shared set of experiences in this topsy turvy world. It being possible means that it works, and the more I thought about it, the more I came to appreciate it.

There is a second meaning to it: on hexbear voting is disabled and so they extremely often use pictures in replies to convey their thoughts instead of voting - but while on the hexbear server they are represented as tiny icons, like emojis basically, everywhere else all across Lemmy they are giant. After blocking the hexbear instance I have not seen much of those though - you might prefer that to having to block each person individually, see your Settings (not Profile), second tab, scroll WAAAAY down, to block an entire instance.

Regular pictures though, on the Lemmy webpages, likewise also do not have a way (that I know of?) to control the size. So they are all-or-nothing, have it or don’t (afaik). Having them makes this place more welcoming, especially to a younger crowd, and enhancing participation helps the Fediverse to encourage a more steady stream of content and help ensure that it does not turn into a circle jerk niche set of tiny interconnected communities.

So, while a “giant” image was not intentional, an image was. Also, I only just when getting to this very paragraph in this reply noticed how significantly different the height of the image is when I have my Android keyboard open in my Firefox browser vs. when I close that, as would be done by someone scrolling. As I composed it, and chose preview to make sure that it worked, it was shown at maybe half the width and two thirds the height, but then hiding the keyboard it suddenly jumps up to full width and height. So that fact too likely contributes to people not realizing the full extent of what the picture is going to look like to others later on. It also may look different in the place it came from too, further leading to the discontinuity between what was intended vs. received.

Anyway I do try to use pictures, especially memes that are easily recognizable, whenever possible bc they seem to work better in the communication process (that is a 2-way procedure between both sending and receiving partners) than a mere wall of words. So you may want to block me, although I will preemptively say that I will miss your perspective across the Fediverse in replies such as this one, though ofc I understand that if it is driving you crazy then you may want to take steps to improve your experience.

Hopefully Lemmy or your preferred app (or some other one that you could switch to) will implement a solution that doesn’t require massive effort and maintenance on your part to be constantly walling yourself off from what will end up being an increasingly larger share of the Fediverse as it grows and brings in newer and younger people, but for now the code is somewhat primitive in terms of such technical details.

In any case, I hope that this explanation helps.:-). Also, oh wow, could you imagine trying to have a conversation like this on Reddit!? :-P The technology here being far behind there does not begin to make up for the Fediverse being worthwhile, whereas Reddit is useless - as in even if I was not here, I still would not be there:-D.


I can’t tell if you wrote this wall of text ironically or not.


On the web UI it looks totally fine


Pretty sure everyone with 2 brain cells knows the motive. Maga traitors did it.

motor_spirit, (edited )

Party of law and order!


I read on reddit that they police have to be absurdly cautious about ascribing motive before trial to the media. That it can break a case.

But yeah we all know what the motive was.


police have to be absurdly cautious about ascribing motive before trial to the media. That it can break a case.

That’s exactly what is happening in this statement.


Likely, however, Zionists also don’t like him right now. A high-profile popular Jewish politician speaking out against Israel’s actions in Gaza? Yeah, there’s a lot of high emotions there and he’s probably made some more crazy enemies. Right now, I’m 50/50 on which one of these two it might be.


The timing is what made me lean toward a zionist, since it comes directly on the heels of him telling Netanyahu to quit murdering innocent people. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a MAGAt, but I haven’t seen anything outside of what he normally does that would’ve particularly triggered one of them.


If it is, they’re gonna get a slap on the wrist like the January 6th insurrections. Once their attempted murder becomes political, they’re afraid to look tough on them out of fear of being called politically motivated, which is stupid.

If anything, political motives for a crime should be far more harsh.

kent_eh, (edited )

Pretty sure everyone with 2 brain cells knows the motive. Maga traitors did it.

That is the obvious answer, but until the investigation is completed and a suspect is arrested and charged, people making official statements need to choose their words carefully.

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