Animal control services in Atlanta suspended as city and county officials snipe over contract

The dogcatcher may not be coming when Atlanta residents call.

Fulton County cut off animal control services Friday to the city of Atlanta, saying city officials haven’t agreed to pay the increased cost, which has jumped from roughly $2.5 million a year to $6.4 million.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens in turn blamed Fulton County, claiming it was the county that backed out of an agreement. But county officials told local news outlets that the city’s proposal failed to include an agreement to pay for services the county has provided since the previous contract expired at the end of 2023.

The sniping among the Democrats who run Georgia’s most populous city and county escalated, with the city suggesting county officials cut off animal control because officials were mad Dickens had criticized the county over inmate deaths at the Fulton County jail.


Good day to be a raccoon.

grue, (edited )

Atlantan here; can confirm. I literally saw a strangely-behaving (i.e. maybe sick) racoon at about 7PM yesterday evening and found out about this issue when I tried to look up who to call about it.


release the monkeys

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