They should try 🔼▶️🔽🔽🔽


Are these purpose built drones? They kinda look like someone’s taken like a piper cub or similar type of plane and converted it to remote control.


Isn’t that exactly what they did? Not sure the airplane class, but the first article written made it sound like they stuffed an airplane full of explosives and remote piloted it to destination…


They are Aeroprakt A-22 Foxbat Ukrainian ultralight aircraft


I wonder what all the military strategists around the world think of this particular development. There are so many private small aeroplanes flying every day, oftentimes without even talking to air traffic control. I wonder if this might result in some new rules for private pilots.


I doubt it. You could do similar damage with more drones. And if your going to commit terrorism, I don’t think you care about laws… and what aircraft will intercept that anyway?

I hate war… but I have technological wet dreams about seeing how current western technology would work in this war. There is so much code stuff still almost untested.


Now, we need a large airborne plane carrier.


I can’t say with certainty just off the top of my head, but I feel like the U.S thought about that for a minute.

I feel like WW2? I could also be confusing bits from an old History Channel documentary.


There have been a few, some didn’t leave the drawing board, others actually got made.

Here’s a couple of the top of my head. I don’t know much about them, just what Ive seen from these videos.

Soviet aircraft carrierAmerican aircraft carrierWhat ever happened to flying aircraft carriers?


They’re called parasite fighters, and just about everyone has had a go at them at some point.

The Goblin was the last serious attempt.


The US built the XF-85 goblin parasite fighter, which was supposed to be deployed using a robotic arm from the bomb bay of a B-36. The idea came from ww2 when we had escort fighters for most major bombing missions to keep the bombers safe.

It wasn’t practical to build a fighter with enough range to escort strategic bombers into the Soviet Union so they thought, “why not carry the fighter inside the bomber?”


We also tried to do parasite fighters off a dirigible, but it turned out they were finicky and the carrier was too big and obvious a target.

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