Nah, it’s coming right after the 2020 roadster


We just got the 2019 cyber truck, so we’re only a decade or so away from the roadster.


I can’t speak to whether this is true, but Musk did later that day announce that the Robotaxi release will be August 8th, which he’s always said is going to be on the same platform. I don’t see why they wouldn’t also make the “model 2” once they are to scale since not all people want to use / will trust robotaxi at first. But any announcements they make on this car before they can actually deliver will take sales away from their models available now.


8/8 for all his Nazi followers.


Musk says a lot of things that aren’t true


Autonomous driving has always been his go-to pump when the stock price drops.


They can’t figure out what quality assurance checks they can cut further?


The model is delayed because they haven’t finished replacing the steering wheel with a touch screen.

vegeta, (edited )

Or, the real reason.

As the manbaby he is, and given the reason it would be named ‘2’ (so that the lineup would be 2S3XY), someone informed him of that shirtless picture on the yacht and the incomming endless memes about him being 2S3XY for his shirt.…/99587238/


Shouldn’t be a big deal: Why would anyone still buy a Tesla at this point? If someone is going to buy a car they probably don’t want something with garbage build quality and shitty support.

Those Volvos are looking kinda good though…


There are some people who really love their teslas. They don’t have any models that fit what I want so I ignore them.


There’s just so many better options than Tesla these days.


Such as…?


Rivian, Audi, BYD, Ford… and many more. All of which I’d rather own


Hyundai seems to be the top choice right now. They have the best combination of value, features, technology and reliability.

The Ioniq 5 is, at least where I live in Canada, is on a perpetual waitlist (except for the base 2wd model nobody wants). I’m personally waiting for the Ioniq 7 to replace my rusting Outback.

Dr_Nik, (edited )

Sorry, I know this is controversial and I’ll probably get down voted to hell, but I love my model Y Tesla and I think the full self driving is amazing (I didn’t pay for it, there’s a free trial this month). Musk is an idiot and an asshole but there’s a lot more people working at Tesla that made some amazing vehicles.


Just to be clear, “Full Self Driving” is the marketing name for the product. You are instructed to keep your hands on the wheel at all times and Tesla accepts no responsibility at all if it screws up (unlike Mercedes, who takes responsibility for their level 3 autonomous driving service).

And for other people who happen to read this, the only reason Tesla may seem ahead with their technology is that they just don’t care about safety. Tesla won’t have a safe product until they actually accept responsibility for their product’s failings.


This is an easy test. If Reuters is lying, that means the Model 2 is still in development. Prove that Reuters is lying, Elon. you are uniquely positioned to be able to do that.


Best he can do is be an insufferable jackass.


Well there goes my chance to own a Tesla.


A new one maybe, but the used ones are coming down in price pretty quickly. I’ve seen a few model 3s over the last few months at the $25k mark.


Don’t worry, you’re not missing out on much.


Tesla has no press office and has not rebutted the news, but Musk took to his social network to declare that “Reuters is dying,” then in another post claimed that “Reuters is lying (again).”

Fucking embarrassing.


No need for press offices when you are a Musk.

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