simplejack, (edited )

Fuck this and all, but I’m also curious about how this works. What is the output? What is the data product that they’re selling and how to companies use it?

Edit: I’m curious if anyone with ad tech experience has any insight. Not looking for the broad strokes, I’m more curious about the technical details.


There needs to be more laws and regulations. In this system, companies will use every legal way to make as much money as possible. This is especially true for public companies.


Thanks. I just went and disabled it. I also found that they had “products and services notifications” turned on. I know I attempted to disable all advertising and monitoring stuff shortly after I signed up, but I can’t say for sure whether I had missed this section at that time or if they kindly turned it on for me between then and now.


Or they added a new setting and left it on by default without telling you. I’ve seen this happen with a few sites before


I still don’t even see the things they’re talking about. Wonder if they’re rolling it out in groups.


Are you logged in? It appears you can go to the privacy settings page and set some (not all) settings without being logged in.

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